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The small "Di Martino" has now become a large Italian industrial concern, well structured and organized, with a qualified identity, well appreciated worldwide. Machines, buildings, people have been constantly evolving through the years, with the acquired know-how turned into products manufactured within a certified system, using very sophisticated, environmentally friendly technologies.

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Reference: CAL-AC6

Brand: Galcon irrigation controllers


Features 24V electrically powered Suitable for a broad range of valves and solenoids Suitable for misting in greenhouses Suitable for cooling poultry coops and cow sheds Connection to a Normally Closed (NC) rain sensor Control: Controls up to 6 valves Ideal for: Suitable for implementation on Lawns, drip and sprinkler systems and basic agriculture...

Reference: AGR-AG131

Brand: Agrati garden tools


Φορητό καρούλι εύκαμπτου σωλήνα τοίχου, κατασκευασμένο από ψευδάργυρο χάλυβα εξοπλισμένο με Art. Στήριγμα MPR 1175 για στερέωση τοίχου.

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