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Reference: MAR-7030

Brand: Di Martino sprayers


The dispenser has two outlets allowing the liquid to run out continuously without any overflowing. The caps have special seals suitable to be in contact with the various types of hydrocarbons.   Certification for transport by: Rail-road (ADR-RID) – sea (IMDG) – air (IATA)   Anti-tipping shape Cap with safety tab 5 lt FUEL AND OIL

Reference: SIG-014A

Brand: Sigma tile machines

Sigma Tile Cutter Scoring Wheel 12mm (37cm-95cm)

Ροδάκι 12 mm πλήρες κατάλληλο για τούς κόφτες:   5B 62 cm , 7A 33 cm , 2G 37 cm , 7F 37 cm , 3G 45 cm , 5 50 cm , 2A3 51 cm , 5A 51 cm , 3A 53cm , 2B3 66 cm , 3B4 67cm , 4A 75 cm , 3C2 77cm , 3D2 95 cm, 3D4 95cm   Ακατάλληλο για τους κόφτες της σειράς MAX και Klick Klock

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